Aviation Lead Pollution article by Bryce Covert of Think Progress

October 12, 2016

The 10/12/16 article The Forgotten Source of Lead That's Still Spewing Into Our Air by Bryce Covert of Think Progress explores aviation generated lead pollution. The report brings attention to the ongoing efforts of Friends of the Earth, Earthjustice, Oregon Aviation Watch, and Santa Monica community activists to address this issue. The author points out that Hillsboro Airport ranks 21st in the nation among nearly 20,000 airports in lead emissions.

Just a clarification, Miki Barnes and her husband David, do not live in Hillsboro, nor do they live in the vicinity of the Hillsboro Airport. Fourteen years ago they made a conscious decision to purchase a property more than 12 miles from the Hillsboro Airport. Despite there best efforts they continue to be plagued by oft-times unrelenting airport noise and pollution caused in large part by student pilots training out of the Hillsboro Airport as well as general aviation hobbyists who continue to fly in aircraft that use leaded fuel.

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