Legal Documentation

This is a repository for documents related to OAW's legal cases. For more background on these cases, see the related articles here.

Challenge to Hillsboro Airport Third Runway

Oregon Aviation Watch members, both separately and together, have been fighting expansion plans at the Hillsboro Airport (HIO) since 2010.
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Challenge to Washington County Ordinance 772: Sunset Airpark Expansion

OAW and WC CAN submitted a LUBA challenge to Washington County Ordinance 772, which allowed expansion of the Sunset Airpark.
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Challenge to City of Hillsboro's Withdrawal of Airport Oversight

The City of Hillsboro claimed that it has no authority to regulate aviation due to pre-emption by federal law. Oregon Aviation Watch disagreed, citing the City's own Comprehensive Plan and state and federal statutes to assert that the City, in fact, has a responsibility to oversee the role of aviation in the community.
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Hillsboro Airport Zoning Challenge - Airport Use Zone

The Hillsboro Airport Zoning Challenge ("Petition for Review") was filed with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). LUBA struck down the ordinance and the State Court of Appeals upheld the LUBA decision.
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