About OAW

Oregon Aviation Watch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to research, educate and advocate on behalf of the public interest and public welfare about aviation issues.

Our Mission

The mission of Oregon Aviation Watch is to enhance and protect the quality of life for Oregon residents by eliminating the adverse impacts of aviation activity.

Issues of Concern

    • noise intrusions
    • environmental pollution
    • climate change
    • health risks
    • social injustice
    • property devaluation
    • safety hazards
    • security threats
    • land use restrictions
    • fiscal inequities

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a transparent, accountable, and sustainable aviation system that neither disregards nor diminishes the environment, livability, health, or well-being of current and future generations of Oregon residents.


Oregon Aviation Watch cannot offer legal advice, but we can provide information on aviation policy in Oregon and elsewhere, and we can share our experiences in dealing with these issues. We strive to reduce the sense of isolation and powerlessness people sometimes feel when confronted with the bureaucratic run around and lack of democratic principles so often encountered when dealing with aviation issues.


    • Public presentations
    • Publishing newsletters disseminated primarily through email lists
    • Periodic website updates
    • Hosting discussions and presentations about impacts of aviation activity on the community
    • Advocacy around aviation issues that affect the public health and public interest. This may include litigation under state and federal environmental statutes, land use issues and other laws pertaining to aviation activities and its effects
    • Lobbying within limits prescribed by election under form 5768
    • Research and study of the effect of aviation activity on public health and welfare
We encourage you to contact us with your questions and comments.

Contact OAW

As interested and engaged citizens, we are trying to better understand exactly what is going on in Oregon's aviation industry, but to succeed we need your support. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Fundraising - pledges of support for future legal consultations and possible appeals as well as assistance in writing grant proposals
  • Putting up signs, distributing handouts, and disseminating information by canvassing neighborhoods
  • Preparing and presenting testimony at public hearings
  • Researching aviation related issues

Email: info@oregonaviationwatch.org

Oregon Aviation Watch
PO Box 838
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