Home Owners Upset by O'Hare Airport Noise Win Property Tax Appeals

By Miki Barnes, LCSW
January 12, 2015

According to a 4/1/14 CBS Chicago report, homeowners impacted by O'Hare Airport in Chicago have won property tax appeals due to the loss of property value sustained as a result of aviation noise.

Click on Home Owners Upset by O'Hare Airport Noise Win Property Tax Appeals to access the article.

Hopefully this decision will lay a foundation for people in Washington County to seek remuneration for property value devaluation resulting from the noise and environmental degradation generated by Hillsboro Airport aviation activity. Homeowners in this jurisdiction pay property taxes that support the Port of Portland and Portland Community College (PCC), both of which engage in sponsoring flight training over homes, neighborhoods, schools and recreational areas.

The credibility of PCC as a responsible educational institution is in question, particularly since the excessive noise generated by the Aviation Sciences program contributes unwelcome noise intrusions throughout the day as well as disrupted sleep and night-time awakenings all of which are known to have a negative effect on health and optimal cognitive functioning. In addition, lead and other toxic emissions associated with aviation activity are linked with lowering IQ's, autism, ADHD, increased violence, cardiovascular disease, dementia and a host of other serious and debilitating illnesses. These potential negative and irreversible impacts far outweigh the benefits of running a flight training school at public expense.

PCC's footprint is not limited to Washington County and the Hillsboro Airport. A 6/4/13 Portland Tribune article Troutdale Flight School is International Cockpit for Pilots by Cari Hachman reveals PCC's role in promoting flight training at the Troutdale Airport and further illustrates how PCC is using taxpayer dollars to erode livability and compromise the ability of area homeowners to enjoy their property. Per the article, “Hillsboro Aviation's Troutdale facility was opened on behalf of a request by Portland Community College to help grow their aviation flight program...Each flight school offers two and four year college degree programs through Portland Community College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, respectively.”

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