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July 30, 2016

Below is the most recent update from the Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM) chronicling the displacement of residents, disruption to existing communities, human rights violations, destruction of the environment and ecological devastation that often accompanies airport development projects around the globe.

Oregon Aviation Watch appreciates and supports GAAM's efforts to raise awareness and address the many negative impacts of the aviation industry throughout the world.

Dear friends and colleagues,

Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM) continues its work to research 'airport city' projects and support local communities opposing these schemes. Below is an update of come recent developments.

GAAM has a YouTube channel which we hope will be a useful resource. We have created two playlists:

Aviation expansion - resisting displacement
has examples of communities all over the world resisting displacement by airport and aerotropolis projects.
Aerotropolis videos
a compilation of videos promoting aerotropolis projects, giving insight into the scale and strategic significance of what is planned.

In May GAAM activists Rose Bridger and Anita Pleumarom made a solidarity visit to Istanbul to support the campaign against the city's third airport, a gigantic aerotropolis. During the visit a video was made which documents a small part of the destruction of forests, lakes and farmland: Istanbul's third airport - an ecocide megaproject. The video has been translated into Turkish: İstanbul3.Havalimanı. Bir Ekokırım Mega Projesi.

The case of Taoyuan Aerotropolis, for which land expropriation has begun, threatening thousands of people with displacement, was presented at the East Asia Tribunal on Evictions held in Taipei at the beginning of July.

Since 2012, residents of the coastal farmland in Kulon Progo, near Yogyakarta, Indonesia, have resisted land acquisition for an airport, and an aerotropolis around the airport is planned. On 16th February 2016 residents refusing to cooperate with boundary making for Kulon Progo airport were viciously attacked by the Indonesian policy and army. The Asian Human Rights Commission issued an Urgent Case Appeal and people can show support by sending an appeal letter.

Residents of five villages in the South Korean island of Jeju are resisting an airport and 'Air City'. An article in The Ecologist includes photos of protests: Jeju Islanders resist airport megaproject

An article about the planned new Mexico City airport and aerotropolis looks at the lengthy history of this project, vigorously opposed by ejidos (communal landholders) and the current situation - Massive Mexico City airport would be a disaster. Nearly a decade after a brutal police raid on Atenco, the town that resisted the airport in 2001, surveyors accompanied by soldiers invaded communal farmland, but were repelled by residents. There is an online petition in support of the Atenco farmers and urging Mexico's President Peña Nieto to stop forcible land expropriation for the airport.

Please share GAAM material widely as there is insufficient information about, and a low level of awareness of, aerotropolis projects and the detrimental impacts on people and the environment.

Yours truly,
Rose Bridger, for the GAAM coordinating team

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