Student Pilot and Flight Instructor Die in Helicopter Crash Near the Chehalem Airpark

July 2, 2015

Two people, a flight instructor and a student pilot, died on July 2, 2015, when the helicopter they were piloting crashed in a field during a "routine night training flight." The aircraft was registered to Precision Aviation, a flight training school based at the Chehalem Airpark in Newberg, Oregon.

Chehalem Airpark is located approximately 14 miles southwest of the Hillsboro Airport and within a few miles of Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark. It is also in close proximity to the McMinnville Airport and Sportsman Airpark. All are flight training airports with a significant accident history, some fatal. A number of the accidents involve student pilot instructional flights.

Click on the following link for an article on the Newberg helicopter accident by Oregonian/OregonLive reporter Stuart Tomlinson:

See for a KOIN TV report.

See for a USA Today report.

Chehalem Airpark Accident History

According to the Aviation Accident Database and Synopsis section of the National Transportation Safety Board, there have been a number of other accidents associated with aircraft arriving and landing at the Chehalem Airpark including but not limited to those bulleted below.

  • On 11/21/07 a student pilot was seriously injured during a Precision Helicopter training flight. The aircraft reportedly lost power 7-8 miles from the airport.
  • During a 6/26/03 flight, the pilot of an amateur built experimental aircraft was fatally injured during a plane crash near the Chehalem Airpark. The pilot had been performing a number of high speed taxi maneuvers just prior to the accident.
  • On 8/19/02 an aircraft sustained damage when it veered off the runway during a landing at the Chehalem Airpark. In this case neither the pilot or flight instructor on board sustained injuries. The flight originated from Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark.
  • On 9/23/00 during final approach at the Chehalem Airpark, a flight instructor and student pilot were seriously injured when the aircraft they were piloting collided with a dump truck traveling on a county road.
  • On 7/19/97 the passenger of a helicopter operated by Precision Helicopters sustained minor injuries during a forced landing.
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