Applebee Aviation - License Revoked for 5 years, Fine Increased to $180,000

November 9, 2015

The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) more than quadrupled Applebee Aviation's fine and issued a 5 year revocation of the license allowing this company to engage in pesticide spraying. The penalty was increased because Applebee Aviation continued commercial aerial spraying activities even with a suspended license.

Per ODA Director Kathy Coba,

"Issuing $180,000 in civil penalties and five-year license revocations against Applebee Aviation underscores how serious the Oregon Department of Agriculture considers the violations that have taken place...We take all violations of the state's pesticide law seriously. The fact that this operator knowingly and willfully continued to conduct pesticide applications 16 times after receiving a suspended license shows contempt for state regulations and our department. We cannot and will not tolerate such disregard for the law by which all pesticide operators are expected to live by."

See State Revokes Aviation Pesticide License by Hillsboro Tribune reporter Kathy Fuller for additional information.

As noted by Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter, Tony Schick, "The fines and license suspension mark the largest penalties ever in a case of aerial pesticide spraying in Oregon."

See Big Penalties for Oregon Pesticide Sprayer That Ignored License Suspension for the full OPB report.

In response the owner of the company, Mike Applebee, claiming unfair treatment, has announced his intent to appeal. See the OregonLive article I'm a Scapegoat, Helicopter Spray Company Owner Says of $180,000 Fine by Rob Davis for details.

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